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CV - Kristiina Turtonen


  1. 2009 - 2011Specialization studies in contemporary sculpture, Turku Academy of Arts

  2. 2008 Visual Artist (Bachelor of Arts) Turku Academy of Arts

  3. 1986-1988 Studies in Art History, University of Turku

  4. 1984MM, University of Turku


  1. Finnish Painters' Association

  2. Turku Artists' Association

Solo exhibitions

  1. 2019 Totta ja Tuulenpesiä, Galleria Poetry Corner, Uusikaupunki

  2. 2018 Flowers, Oh Wonderful! Gallery Kristiina Turtonen, Naantali

  3. 2016 Loves, Gallery Kristiina Turtonen, Naantali

  4. 2015 True and Windbreaks, Gallery Kristiina Turtonen, Naantali

  5. 2014 WHO CARES MOTHER CARE, Lobby Gallery, Raisio

  6. 2014 WHO CARES MOTHER CARE, Gallery Kristiina Turtonen, Naantali

  7. 2014 I'm going crazy, pencil work and paintings, Art Café, Turku

  8. 2013 Hit and sink, pencil work, artist of the month, Turku Art Loan Office

  9. 2012 Really lived, pencil work, artist of the month, Turku Art Loan Office

  10. 2012 Open to me, paintings, Gallery Kristiina, Naantali

  11. 2011 Do you feel familiar, pencil work, Turku Art Loan Office

  12. 2011 Mind all kinds, pencil work, Spa Gallery, Naantali

  13. 2011 With You, oil paintings and installation, Gallery Kristiina, Naantali

  14. 2010 Curtains in front of your eyes, installations, Cable Car Gallery, Turku Academy of Arts

  15. 2010 My rooms are home to love, monotypes, Gallery Kristiina, Naantali

  16. Over, Under, Past, Watercolor Paintings, Gallery Kristiina, Naantali

  17. 2008 Good, Better, Best, Cable Car Gallery, Turku Academy of Arts

  18. 2004 Does it feel familiar, Gallery ArtDiana, Helsinki

  19. 2004 Associations, pencil works, City Gallery, Haapsalu

  20. 2004 Underbara Du, pencil work, Utställningssalongen, Stockholm

  21. 2003 Opened package, ArtDiana Gallery, Helsinki

  22. 2002 Received from you, watercolor paintings, Auran Gallery, Turku

  23. 2001 School of Fine Arts Gallery, Turku

  24. 2001 Gallery 2, Turku

  25. 1999 Birgittasali, Naantali

  26. 1999 Studio Kämpe, Turku

  27. 1998 On my desk, watercolors, Auran Gallery, Turku

  28. 1996 Birgittasali, Naantali

  29. 1994 Naantali Art Room

Group exhibitions

  1. 2010 Cleansing, contemporary sculpture, Spa Gallery, Naantali

  2. 2010 Additions, Contemporary Sculpture Specialization Group, Cable Car Gallery, Turku Academy of Arts

  3. 2008 Boost, Watercolor Exhibition, Galleria Nefret Studio, Turku

Group exhibitions

  1. 2011 NYT2011 Together, Raisio Museum Harkko

  2. 2010 In a different way, watercolor exhibition, Voipaala Art Center

  3. 2009 Where is the wind coming from the Baltic Sea now, Gallery Uusikuva, Kotka

  4. 2009 Conquerors of Europe, SAY, Riihimäki Art Museum

  5. 2008 Turku Artists' Association annual exhibition, Galleria Just, Turku

  6. 2008 Vakka Biennale II, Ars Aarras, Uusikaupunki

  7. 2008 Exhibition of the Finnish Watercolor Art Association Conquerors of Europe, Emil Cederkreutz Museum, Harjavalta

  8. 2008 SAY's Joint Exhibition, Mariehamn Art Museum

  9. 2007 Turku Artists' Association annual exhibition, Galleria Just, Turku

  10. 2007 SKjL's annual exhibition, KHRenlund Museum, Kokkola

  11. 2007 Joint exhibition of the Naantali Region Art Association and the Vakka-Suomi Art Association, Naantali Art Room

  12. 2007 Annual exhibition of the Naantali Region Art Association and the Vakka-Suomi Art Association, Crusell Cultural Center, Uusikaupunki

  13. 2007 Naantali Region Art Association annual exhibition, Naantali Art Room

  14. 2007 SAY's Joint Exhibition, Raisio Museum Harkko

  15. 2006 SKjL's annual exhibition, Art Brewery, Lahti

  16. 2006 XIII National Symposium of Watercolors European Convention and International Exhibition, Bilbao, Spain

  17. 2006 My Helsinki, SAY, Sanomatalo Helsinki

  18. 2003 SAY summer exhibition, Emil Cederkreutz Museum, Harjavalta

  19. 2003 Imatra Cultural Center, SAY's Joint Exhibition

Public works

  1. 2020 Hotel Kakola Church stained glass exhibition

  2. 2019 Peonies I and II, paintings, Naantali Spa

  3. 2019 Small Clouds, Pencil Drawing, HUS Art Collections

  4. 2019 Portraits of Armas Rönnholm and Jorma Salmikivi, Naantali Workers' Association

  5. 2015 From the series Open to me works I, II and III, Medical station Diacor, Turku

  6. 2014 Elohiiri series, murals in the children's ward, Diacor Medical Center, Turku

  7. 2013 A handful of vitamins, pencil and watercolor, City of Turku collections

  8. 2012 Portrait of Ilkka Kantola, Associate Professor, TYKS

  9. 2011 Wonderful pins, mixed media, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum Collections, City of Turku

  10. 2007 Tree of the Future, space work, Turku Concert Hall, Turku Academy of Arts Continuing Education Working Group, Turku City Orchestra

  11. 2007 Waiting and Answer, Nunnalahti Urn Chapel, paintings, Naantali Parish

  12. 2006 Klänning, pencil drawing, Vattenfall Ab, Stockholm

  13. 2006 Growth and Light, watercolors, Duodecim, Helsinki

  14. 2005 Space, Road and In Place, paintings, Turku Psychiatric Service, Turku

Awards and honors

  1. 2007 Naantali City Culture Award

  2. 2003 Great mention, SAY summer exhibition, Emil Cederkreutz Museum, Harjavalta

Projects and community art

  1. 2015-2017 Community art works e.g. Balloon installation, Unelmakummeli Art sponsorship: Velkua School, Naantali

  2. 2016 TOGETHER - Finland 100 Community Art Project, Birgittakoti Naantali

  3. 2014-2016 Community Art Works, Kirkkopuisto, Naantali Music Festival

  4. 2012 Portrait Days, Community Art Project, Katavakoti, Naantali

  5. 2011 NYT2011 Together, Executive Director and Curator of the Naantali and Raisio Contemporary Art Summer

  6. 2011 Available Hyvää, community art project, Tikanmaa School, Raisio

  7. 2011 Butterfly, Community Art Project, Taimo School, Naantali

  8. 2008-2011 Spa Gallery, changing exhibitions, gallery manager and curation

  9. 2005-2011 Naantali House of Culture Association, visual arts director

  10. 2009 Money, money, money, curation of the exhibition, Art Museum Harkko, Raisio

  11. 2008 NOW 08 Naantali and Raisio Contemporary Art Summer, Executive Director

  12. 2008 RHYTHM !, curator of Raisio Harko's NOW 08 exhibition (together with museum director Heli Isolehdo and artist Paul Brück)

  13. 2007 Naantali and Raisio Watercolor Summer 07, Executive Director

  14. 1998-2012 Visual arts education and art projects for various companies and communities (eg Turku Summer University, SAY, City of Tampere, City of Helsinki)

Other artistic activities

  1. 1988-2010 Book Illustrations, WSOY, Minerva, A-Magazines

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